FOREIGNERS is an exciting new dramatic comedy series about a group mid-30’s expats trying to navigate life in London. We are more global than ever before but we also are more connected than ever before with social media, skype and the rise of the culture of impatience and the instant gratification of the millennial generation.

This series will ask a few questions. What does it feel like to relocate to another country? What issues does this raise.. i.e. family guilt, financially, homesickness, loss of cultural identity, stereotypes, visas, marriage (long distance relationships), new relationships with someone from another country/culture, raising kids in a foreign country. How does an Indian woman react to the same situation as French woman?  What are they running from or trying to escape? Is it themselves? What can they learn from each other?

These characters are totally unique and bring different baggage to the same city. 

You can now stream Foreigners on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and US